National Marine park zakynthos

The National Marine Park on Zákynthos (Zante): The Marine Park encompasses the marine area of the Bay of Layanás, the sea turtle nesting beaches and a zone of land adjoining them, the wetland of Kerí Lake and the two small Strophádes islands. It includes a total of 36 km2 of terrestrial territory and another 90 klm2 of marine area. Zákynthos is one of the most important sea turtle nesting areas in the Mediterranean. The area features a variety of habitats, including sand dunes and Posidonia oceanica beds. It is home to the critically endangered Sea daffodil (Pancratium maritimum), and submerged reefs as well as hundreds of species of flora and fauna, some of which are of great importance. A resident population of the critically endangered species the Mediterranean monk seal monachus monachus is also present on the west coast of Zákynthos.

Kids, don’t forget to: Visit the Thematic Exhibition Centre and the nesting beaches of the loggerhead sea turtle caretta caretta!

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